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Good Interaction

July 30, 2007

Hello all, just a few notes:


Great job on the last assignment.  Lots of good questions and feedback amongst all of you.  Keep it up.  Not all of you particiapted, and not all of you participated on time, so that will be noted in your final grade.  However, 95% of you did a great job.  Thanks. 


A majority of the internship visits have taken place and I know that from the visits I made I was nothing but impressed.  Comments from “Keep them coming,” to “Best intern we have ever had,” were not uncommon in my travels last week.  Again, great job to all of you for keeping the reputation of the program at a high level. 


Each of you has a final project due at the end of your experience.  For those of you that are under my (Mark’s) supervision, you need to have your final project turned into me by Friday, August 10th.  Most of you will be done with your internships by then, and if you are not, your project needs to be.  Either email me them before that time, or make sure they are delivered via regular mail BEFORE Friday, August, 10th.  Anything after that will be considered late and graded accordingly.

Contact Dr. Jones, Dr. Thompson, or Professor Redmond for their due dates.


There will be no more assignments posted on the blog as some of you will be returning to school in the next couple of weeks.  From what I can tell, it has been another fantastic summer of internships.  Hopefully each of you learned something valuable, and I like I said earlier, we’ve had great reviews.

I wish each of you luck as you head back to school or out into the workforce.  I will miss working with each one of you.

Take care


Next Assignment

July 15, 2007

Hey all, I know you have been waiting for it.  We gave you a couple of weeks off, and now, here it is, your next assignment:


Each of you are doing a variety of things in various places this summer.  Take a look at past comments on the blog (from fellow classmates), find something interesting, and ask them a question about what they are doing.  This could relate to how they are coaching, what their perspective on a specific training method is, etc.  In return, when you are asked a question, you must respond to it.  You all have a wealth of information right now that you didn’t two months ago, let’s share it.

This assignment will be due no later than Friday, July 27th at 5:00 pm.


Each of the numerous sites I have visited over the past weeks have been interesting and all different.  However, the responses of the supervisors are the same, “Send us more SC students.”  You have no idea of great it is to hear this.  I look forward to hearing more of this as I get ready to head to Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Montana this week.  Keep up the excellent work, and for further advancing our reputation.

Take care

Strengths, Weaknesses, and Assignment #3

June 27, 2007

Hey all, hope you are all staying cool.


Thank you for responding to the last assignment, each of you had some excellent thoughts.  If you haven’t already done so, please read through the comments and see what your classmates are saying.  There are some common threads, and also some distinct differences.

Many of you mention program design as an area that you would like to improve on.  This will always be the case, I am still trying to grasp it all.  With all the information and various philosophies out there, just when you think you have a handle on it all, something new to will show up and get you to change.  The important thing is to understand concepts, and apply those to whatever program you are creating.  You each have wonderful suggestions, and I agree with many of them.  We do need to get some more clinical experiences in as well.


The site visits have started.  This past week I have visited Ryan Koening and observed as he whipped a football team into shape at 6:00 am.  Getting 120 9-12th graders to do your bidding is a challenge, however, it seems that Ryan is very much up to the task.  I also had the opportunity to visit Nick DeCelle at the Sunnyview Rehab Hospital where he is working with all kinds of individuals and being exposed to new things.  At this hospital they have an interesting pool.  You stand in the middle of what looks like a normal floor, and then all the sudden, the floor lowers, water rushes in, and you have a pool.  Fascinating.  The visits will continue, keep up the good work.


This assignment is two-fold and stems off of last week’s assignment. 

Part I

Tell us about a certain experience that you have had so far that has really made you think.  Maybe you learned a new technique or philosophy and asked yourself “Why that?”  Or, you have been working with an individual that has some issues that you aren’t familiar with.  Describe what you are doing, what you are thinking, and what you have learned. 

Part II

Many of you are working with supervisors and other staff members that have various levels of education.  Please tell us what education levels you have experienced (college degree, self-taught, etc) in your supervisors and what certifications you have become exposed to (ie do the people you are working with have their ACSM-HFI, NSCA-CSCS or CPT, or even NASM).  Also, take a look at each of the following websites, and discuss which certification(s) you would like to take and why.  You each hear us talk about them all the time, but there are lots out there, and you need to take a look and see what is best for you.  The last site is for NASM, which is a certification that is up and coming.  :


Good luck with everything, and keep up the good work.

Take care

Assignment #2

June 14, 2007

Hey all.  Thanks for the great responses to the first questions, we even had some back and forth between all of you, that is great.  Many of you are having wonderful experiences, and even seeing some of the politics that take place (as Jesse spoke of the tension between PTs and Exercise Physiologists).  Hopefully each of you are learning things that you can use in the future.  This ties into assignment #2, see below:


As most of you have completed the first few weeks of your internship, I am interested in how your education has served you so far.  The questions I would like you to respond to are these:

1)  Have you felt academically prepared for your internship thus far?
2)  What areas do you feel strong in?  (ie communication skills, training skills, teaching form, etc).
3)  What areas do feel weak in, and how could the program at SC improve to help you with these?

That is it for now.  Please post your responses no later than Friday, June 22nd at 5:00 pm.  (That gives you another week to get them done 🙂


The faculty members are in the process of scheduling site visits, so don’t be surprised if you get contacted to make sure you will be there when we get there.  I know we are all looking forward to seeing each of you at your respective sites.  Keep up the good work.

Take care

Good stuff

June 6, 2007

Hey everyone

 For those of you have posted your comments on the first assignment already, thank you.  You are all doing some very interesting and varied things this summer. 

If you haven’t completed the first assignment yet, scroll down and see what you are responsible for.  The assignment is due no later than Friday, June 8th at 5:00 pm. 

Next week we will really begin the blogging game, as almost everyone will be started with their internship then.  Keep up the good work, and pay attention to this page.  If you need anything, contact me or your internship supervisor.

And one last thing, make sure to read everyone’s comments and please feel free to respond back and forth.  Ask questions, make comments, suggestions.  That is what makes this fun, getting everyone involved so we can all learn.

Take care

Welcome to the Undergraduate AEXS Internship Experience Blog

May 26, 2007

Hello everyone

Welcome to the internship experience blog for the summer of 2007.  We will be using this blog to keep everyone who is completing their internship this summer connected, to complete assignments, and as a way to communicate with us, the faculty. 

Here are the syllabi for the internships:



Each week you will be given an assignment through this blog.  It is your responsibility to check each week (more often if you’d like) to get the assignment and complete it.  This will usually consist of responding to a question.  Use the comment function at the end of each post to do so.

Also, feel free to ask questions, respond to your classmates thoughts, or to simply share your own views through the blog.  Again, simply use the comment function at the end of each post.


Your first assignment is this:  Share with us your first thoughts of the experience so far.  What have you learned in the first days of your internship, and what do you think you will gain from completing this experience?  This assignment will be due on Friday, June 8th 2007 at 5:00 pm

Good luck!  If you have any questions, feel free to call or email Mark at 413 748 3485 or

Take care