Good Interaction

Hello all, just a few notes:


Great job on the last assignment.  Lots of good questions and feedback amongst all of you.  Keep it up.  Not all of you particiapted, and not all of you participated on time, so that will be noted in your final grade.  However, 95% of you did a great job.  Thanks. 


A majority of the internship visits have taken place and I know that from the visits I made I was nothing but impressed.  Comments from “Keep them coming,” to “Best intern we have ever had,” were not uncommon in my travels last week.  Again, great job to all of you for keeping the reputation of the program at a high level. 


Each of you has a final project due at the end of your experience.  For those of you that are under my (Mark’s) supervision, you need to have your final project turned into me by Friday, August 10th.  Most of you will be done with your internships by then, and if you are not, your project needs to be.  Either email me them before that time, or make sure they are delivered via regular mail BEFORE Friday, August, 10th.  Anything after that will be considered late and graded accordingly.

Contact Dr. Jones, Dr. Thompson, or Professor Redmond for their due dates.


There will be no more assignments posted on the blog as some of you will be returning to school in the next couple of weeks.  From what I can tell, it has been another fantastic summer of internships.  Hopefully each of you learned something valuable, and I like I said earlier, we’ve had great reviews.

I wish each of you luck as you head back to school or out into the workforce.  I will miss working with each one of you.

Take care


2 Responses to “Good Interaction”

  1. SewTousasus Says:

    Waow loved reading your post. I submitted your feed to my google reader!

  2. taliashepherd48069 Says:

    fascinating Jeremy… point 4 – ohhhh, I could go on about that for weeks… the archaic, territory specific, digital rights adhered to (because ‘certain Click

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