Good stuff

Hey everyone

 For those of you have posted your comments on the first assignment already, thank you.  You are all doing some very interesting and varied things this summer. 

If you haven’t completed the first assignment yet, scroll down and see what you are responsible for.  The assignment is due no later than Friday, June 8th at 5:00 pm. 

Next week we will really begin the blogging game, as almost everyone will be started with their internship then.  Keep up the good work, and pay attention to this page.  If you need anything, contact me or your internship supervisor.

And one last thing, make sure to read everyone’s comments and please feel free to respond back and forth.  Ask questions, make comments, suggestions.  That is what makes this fun, getting everyone involved so we can all learn.

Take care


3 Responses to “Good stuff”

  1. Mike Tremble Says:

    We have been talking a lot about real and relative rotation on the hip joint as it relates to the femur and T-Spine. I am having trouble grasping the concept. If anyone has an easier way to explain it please let me know.

    Mike T.

  2. Henry Ruggiero Says:

    Mike I’m guessing that thoracic spine rotation causes rotation at the hip where as the hip its self, I.E. glutes contracting, can cause rotation at the femur but I am not really sure at all. If I find anything out I’ll send it your way.


  3. jesse demers Says:


    Not positive either but, real t-spine rotation is the actual rotation of the spine using the deep abdominal muscles, as apposed to the relative t-spine rotation as it relates to the femur and hip, would be the rotation caused by the hip and femur as they act to create roation.

    So… Real = primary move caused by muscles controling movment ( post abs)
    Relative = Secondary movement caused by hip/femur rotation.

    Hope that helpsss.

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